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About Us

Extingua is an Italian company which . For over 30 years the Max Vouge company focuses on design and aesthetics paying particular attention to the appearance and the elegance of the products.

The mix between safety and style is the main prerogative of Extingua which, therefore, has decided to design a complete line of fire extinguishing systems, manufactured with the utmost care and attention typical of the design fashion world.

The products manufactured by Extingua meet the natural need for security, while perfectly matching with the aesthetic identity of each environment. Extingua constantly pays great attention to the finishing materials, the definition of colours and the graphic details.

Extingua currently operates in Italy and in some European Countries through its online shop. The beauty and elegance of its stylish products led Extingua to be hosted, with its own showroom, at the prestigious Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa in Jesolo in 2015.

All the Extingua products comply with 97/23/EC (CE 0497).


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