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Customise your Extingua device

Extingua offers the possibility to customize its devices with the desired skins and designs. The Extingua products thus become customized business gadgets characterised by great style and value. Extingua has cooperated with several companies on the design of customised fire extinguishers.

The Extingua devices can be an ideal gift for those companies which are looking for something original to increase the popularity of their brand and improve the relation with their customers. The Extingua products turn out to be excellent business gadgets, for example for furniture companies, home designers or car dealerships.

Choose and Customised your Extingua Device


You can customize your Extingua device with drawings, logos and writings to better promote your message and your company brand. Choose your favourite Extingua colour and send us the graphic project that you would like to print.

Customise Your Extingua Device

Choose your favourite Extingua Colour, the one that you wish to customize. Remember that you can customize only plain colour models.

2.Send us your graphic project
Send us your graphic project, logo or the writing that you want to print on your Extingua device. Our technical staff shall examine your graphic project in order to verify its feasibility.

3.Complete the order
Once your project has been approved by our technical staff, you can complete your order, send the payment and wait for your customised gadgets.

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