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Frequently Asked Questions

Extingua Products

What is Extingua?

Extingua is a stylish fire extinguishing system. It looks like a traditional fire extinguisher, but is characterised by a refined and accurate design. It is effective and works as a common fire extinguisher.

What is the validity period of Extingua?

Extingua has a validity period of 12 years, after which a test should be carried out. A pressure check and an inspection are recommended respectively every six months and 36 months. The inspection can be performed also by the end user in accordance with our guidelines.

Can it replace a classic fire extinguisher?

Extingua complies with applicable law and is recommended for any private use. It is effective as a traditional fire extinguisher but with a smart design. If a fire extinguisher is required by law (for example, at public places, companies, etc.), the sole Extingua is not sufficient, due to its extinguishing capacity and the unconventionality of the red colour. However you can install an Extingua device in your office, company, restaurant or hotel, the most important thing is the compliance with the legal requirements and the presence of a traditional fire extinguisher.

Where are the Extingua products manufactured?

Extingua products are manufactured in Venice and are actually sold throughout Europe.

When can I use the Extingua devices?

The Extingua devices can be used with the following fire classes:
A: wood, paper, rubber etc.
B: oil, grease, paints, gasoline etc.
C: hydrogen, methane, acetylene etc.

What kind of warranty do the Extingua products have?

Extingua products are sold with a legal warranty of 2 years from the purchase date.

What happens if Extingua is exhausted after use?

Extingua offers its customers complete services and support. If you have used the fire extinguishing device, you must recharge it before using it again. We offer a recharge and repair service at the cost of 20 Euros, plus shipping costs.

Payments and Orders

What are the payment methods?

We accept payment by bank transfer, credit card (Banca Sella) and PayPal.

Come posso cancellare il mio ordine?

Your order can be cancelled if it has not been processed or shipped yet. To cancel an order, please call our customer service at +39.041.8877845.

What are your payment options?

We ship our products throughout Italy by express courier (1-3 days.)For the other areas we use a normal courier service. For shipments to places not served by courier services, please contact our customer service. Further information about transport are available on the Shipment and Delivery page.

How can I monitor my order?

In the shipping e-mail you shall find a link to track your order status. If you have the order number or if you have registered to the website, you can also use the order page to monitor the order progress.

What is your policy on returned goods?

Please, read our policy on returned goods on the Shipment and Delivery page.
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