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Scegli il tuo nuovo estintore di design per la tua casa e l'auto. Estintori per casa Extingua realizzati in Italia

Why Choose Extingua?

Extingua is an Italian company which designs and manufactures, entirely in Italy, stylish fire extinguishing systems. The mix between safety and style has always been the main prerogative of Extingua. This principle has inspired the idea of designing a complete fire extinguisher line, manufactured with the utmost care and attention typical of the design fashion world.

Extingua decided to focus on the development of stylish fire extinguishing systems because unfortunately, due to the design of the traditional fire extinguishers, our houses lack these devices, despite the number of fires and fire-related accidents at home is constantly increasing. Extingua then proposes to spread the importance of keeping this kind of fire extinguishing devices in our houses without forgetting aesthetic sensitivities.

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